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Beginning the AY 2021-22

With the summer sunrays becoming more direct,

pandemic still spreading its tentacles,

we as a family with a heavy heart

due to the sudden demise of Mrs. Sunitaben Chunibai Gajera;

but cannot get the clock stuck!

'Learning continues with all odds' has been our mantra.

Today April 5, 2021 marked the beginning of the new academic year 2021-22.

Our journey of 2021-22 has begun .

It began with a common morning assembly at 10am .

Greeting all the learners, educators and parents , Principal specially welcomed the new educators and learners and wished every one a blissful journey ahead.

Principal also wanted the school community to remember the two words - action and participation- as key words of the year .

The assembly was followed by special on line class meetings.

Grade Mentors introduced the subject educators to the respective grades , ensured that all learners have received a copy of scheduled activities for the month of April along with the online academic lesson timetable.

Looking forward for a better and brighter academic year 2021-22 with action and participation of the school community..

Expressing our gratitude to our mentors at Gajera Trust , we are on our sojourn .

May our path be always lit with the light of knowledge and take us further on the Cambridge Pathway we are treading on.

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