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Capturing My Father For a Day

Appa, Abba, Baba, Papa, Pita-ji, Tatah, Pedar, Pyo, Waled, Dad….the synonyms are endless but they all lead towards the same figure in our lives “ Father”.

Fathers, like mothers, are pillars in the development of our emotional and physical well-being. There mustn’t be none who never as a child sat on his/her Father’s shoulder for a ride. There mustn’t be none too, who had hidden behind Papa, to save themselves from scolding.

And this is how we save our memories from a child to an adult’s heart, by capturing above such situations’ images not only through a lens but even by our heart. This is what we all did this time, we captured our Fathers, our Papas through taking selfies and by dancing along with them. None script or a theme is required to make such memories, on the days, when our fathers are at home.

We LGS’ educators, your mothers, your fathers too, just like you all children, need our fathers (even after being adults). So, let’s all of us, through our own creative (no matter how big or tiny the ways are), make their day special.

Happy Father’s Day Papa!!


Anubha Saboo(LGS educator)

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