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Defining New Models to Embrace education 4.0 at Laxmi Global School

In the context of job disruption, increased demand for new skills, and increased socioeconomic polarisation, modern school systems must play a critical role in preparing future global citizens and workforces. At Laxmi global school, we believe that educational models must evolve to equip children with the skills necessary to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive, cohesive, and productive world. The Third and Fourth Industrial Revolutions brought about mass production, automation, and the creation of intangible value. These new growth drivers resulted in significant changes in the skills required to contribute to the economy and how people work. Education 4.0 is a Framework for Aligning Learning Content and Experiences with Future Needs. These abilities can be integrated into formal and informal learning environments in a variety of ways. Making the transition to Education 4.0 will also necessitate the development of learning mechanisms that are more closely aligned with the future of work and that fully exploit the opportunities presented by new learning technologies. To facilitate this shift, it is necessary to adopt an open-ended, rather than a single-answer, approach. This means that classrooms must allow children to experiment with different solutions and compare their results to iterate and build on others' ideas, rather than focusing exclusively on a single correct answer. This shift will also require children to develop a greater capacity for collaboration as they learn to build on and improve one another's ideas. There is an urgent need to reform education systems so that children are equipped with the skills necessary to navigate the future of work and society. At Laxmi global school, we define innovative models for addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by education 4.0. Our mission is to create a comprehensive and sustainable educational system that meets the needs of the next generation.


Principal, Laxmi Global School,

Laxmi Vidyapeeth,

Sarigam, Gujarat

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