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E-Learning @LGS

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

An school affiliated with Cambridge Assessment International Education, (University of Cambridge, UK) with its Cambridge Pathway: Learn, Discover, Achieve, Laxmi Global School has been using the digital platforms to blend the classroom learning with the virtual space.

In fact, the Google revolutionized the information transmission and the ‘crisis of sharing information’ by the educators got accelerated . Education , especially in the West , has become more applied , more experimenting and more experiencing.

Though the wind from the west has started blowing East, 'classroom education' continued to remain a text book based, content assessment process in the subcontinent.

A very few visionaries had the courage to come out of this cocoon and go beyond the texts and contents.

One such Organization remains Gajera Trust which pitched for Application, experiment and experience, through its newly created Sunita’s Makerspace.

Laxmi Global school then had the added advantage of being affiliated and following the curriculum delivery of the Cambridge and under the flagship of Sunita’s Makerspace ; a blend unsurpassable!

Well, pandemic Covid 19 is another landmark that revolutionized the delivery of educational service across the globe and Laxmi Global School then, has been able to migrate to the e-learning platforms without any hiccups and infantile anemia; thanks to the visionary leadership at Gajera Trust and Founder Director of Sunita’s Makerspace.

Gmail id for every child helped us to use the G-suit and of Google to conduct live lessons. Lessons are uploaded in the classrooms and live lessons are conducted through google calls. Classes are flipped too.

Our emphasis has been on the connect with the learner. ‘E-learning’ initially created a distance between the learner and the educator, as everyone has an extended space beyond the ‘desk and the table’ at the time of teaching learning process. That space in the early days was 'deadly silent'!

Our intervention with 'smarts beyond the texts', connected the learners. Every lesson then became more of a collaborative teaching learning process and every learner became an independent learner at own space.

Then, learning organically evolved as the responsibility of the learner!

Komath Bhaskaran


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