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Experiencing the Learning @LGS

Sarigam foothills and its valleys are ever green.

A panoramic view of the educational hub at Laxmi Vidyapeeth,Sarigam, Gujarat , let it be a drone catch or a view from the hilltop,

it is a splendor view at its best.

Learners at Laxmi Vidyapeeth, Sarigam, Gujarat, have the opportunity to immerse into the Nature and grow with the wisdom of Nature .

No doubt, Laxmi Global School (LGS) , with in this beautiful educational hub, is one of the pioneering institutes in Gujarat, providing the Cambridge Pathway, emphasizing on Learn, Discover and Achieve.

Moving away from the mundane classroom instructions, be it online or offline, LGS ensured that the learners experience the learning.

Experiential learning is a pedagogical concept.

Experiential learning theory has the following ingredients:

(a) The learner has a concrete experience.

(b) The learners makes observations and reflections on the experience.

(c) The observations and reflections are assimilated into a new conceptual understanding and interpretation of the meaning of the experience

(d) This conceptual understanding is translated into actionable knowledge that is applied and then used to guide new experiences.

Learners at Laxmi Global School , get opportunities to doing, feeling, watching and thinking.

Experiencing the doing: individually and collectively. Be it on the screen, on the ground, in the classroom, trekking through the contours of a hill tract.

Experiencing the feeling: the notes on the string, a scene from the Bishops candle stick, the rhymes through the lines of Gitanjali. A wow of a masterly sixer on the ground.

Experiencing the watching : the fumes from the lab , a litmus test , flowering of the petals, germinating seeds, the woods of shrubs dancing in the wind.

Experiencing the thinking : with a letter to principal on the boredom of away from school, the concern of ever gushing wild fires, becoming eco elites of the new world.

LGS ensures, making meaning from direct experiences to our learners.

Learners become engaged in learning.

They experience the learning.


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