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Happy Diwali : Krishna kumar M.R, Principal, Laxmi Global School

Dear Parents & Students,

At the very outset, We, Laxmi Global School would like to send you warm wishes for the festival of lights “Diwali”. Diwali is India’s most important festival of the year. It’s a time to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil. Catering knowledge to the seekers is the prime motive of our organisation. In that context, the days of Diwali are of great relevance to us. We, at Laxmi Global School, with a global perspective, are striving to render high-quality international education to the people of South Gujarat. It is of great honour to share with you the fact that LGS is the only approved Cambridge International School between the geographical span of north Mumbai and Surat. We aim to create world citizens with an independent and global approach. At this juncture, we LGS would like to request our students to develop independent learning skills and be more autonomous. Learner autonomy is when students take control and responsibility for their learning, both in terms of what they learn and how they learn. It takes as its starting point the idea that students are capable of self-direction and can develop an independent, proactive approach to their studies. We had gone through an unprecedented global predicament that took us away from the joy of learning and togetherness of our classrooms. Each one of us and the entire world is affected by the coronavirus pandemic; our economy, our families, communities, and our entire way of life are adversely affected by the contagion. But we are in the process of retrieval and the good days are approaching us. We, at Laxmi Global school, are keen to see our students unmasked and safe from the enemies of humanity. Your days at home need to be utilised effectively and develop autonomy in daily learning. Post Diwali days need to be utilised effectively to make up the learning loss you have faced. We expect our students to manage time effectively and concentrate more on their learning.

Your personal safely is of concern to us during the Diwali days. We request you to take enough safety precautions while celebrating and we are glad to inform you that we are updating the in-campus safety protocols to par with international standards. To initiate the process, we are updating our student management Smart phone application “GEMS” with more safety features. It includes, a digital fencing of the campus with high security barcode enabled entry and exit system. To device this process, we request our parents to install and update “GEMS” software with required credentials. We hope, the upcoming days will be proactive and pragmatic to impart activity-oriented learning for our LGS students. Looking forward to see the happy faces in our campus. On behalf of the Management, Staff & Students, I would like to wish you a wonderful and blessed Diwali. May this Diwali bring knowledge over ignorance and Light over Darkness.

Krishna kumar M.R


Laxmi Global School

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