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Heart to Heart With Mom On Mother's Day

Demand of each minute: Maa…. Mummy!!

“A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin.” —Unknown

Well stated!! Once more, Moon took a complete round around Our Planet,

hence once again we got a chance to voice out loud, once again we got a

chance to show our love to our Mothers, Grandmothers, or any other mother figure in our lives.

Here comes the day of undeniably the purest form of love, the day of Our

angels- Mother’s Day. When the world was busy celebrating the bliss of Mother’s Day, our LGS students were not behind too. The day was well spent, by enthusiastically interviewing their mothers, knowing their wishes, knowing their desires. Not only Love for the moms were shown with vibrant colours on posters, but even spoken out loud. Our students shared their not-so-easily-visible emotions in the best ways they could. To sum up, each heart in LGS today, was filled up with love for their mothers. Only the date, May 9, was and is always a mode to express it overtly.


Anubha Saboo,

LGS Educator

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