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Laxmi Global School - Principal's New Year Message

Dear Students, Parents & Educators,

As we begin this new year, it is my pleasure to wish LGS students, parents, and educators a very happy new year. A new year often brings with it a sense of renewal, of new vistas and opportunities for growth. For LGS, I believe we are experiencing a sense of resurgence to serve the needs of our children both individually and collectively as a team.

In this new year 2022, we are reawakening to our sense of purpose for our school, to the learning opportunities and goals that exist for our students, and to the collective commitment to exemplary teaching, social-emotional development, and service to our nation. The energy is there, and our teacher’s tenacity is high in ensuring that all instructional ventures are met with high levels of academic integrity, performance, and productivity.

For this new year, LGS is experiencing a renaissance of initiatives that support both the academic and extended needs of our students and community. As a Cambridge international school, our teachers are developing new project-based learning curriculums in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire deeper knowledge. Our custom designed Music, Art, Computer, and Science Lab curriculum will round out the rigorous instruction occurring in the classrooms, allowing students to extend learning concepts across disciplines. In addition, other programs will be designed to meet the diverse academic needs of our students. We are actively pursuing new programs in project-based learning, coding, debate, and robotics, which further develop the many-faceted intellect of LGS students. For students requiring more input and practice to master the rigorous Common Core content, our Intervention Programs will offer academic support in Math, Science, and English Language for the upcoming academic year.

Our partnerships with parents and families will continue to provide our school with both guidance and support as we strive to meet the unique needs of each student. We will continue strengthening these partnerships through monthly collaboration as reflected by the active feedback we receive from parents.

We are awakening to our potential and our purpose as a team! The work may be difficult and full of unknown challenges, yet it will inspire all of us to be that which is more in our hearts and minds. And what unfurls–what blossoms from this work will be the spirit and intellect of every child and every member in our community, so that each learner will shine uniquely on its own, in a school that provides cutting-edge instruction, embraces all diversity, and creates resilience and inspire students who are prepared for the future.



Laxmi Global School

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