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Learning is active @lgs

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

As I signed and put the date 02-01-2021,

I read it, the date, again.

I observed the zeros in front of one and twos.

I saw the repetition of twos , ones and zeros.

I was asking myself : are you getting into the science of numerology and importance of the day.

Well, No!

But the impulses within me can be deconstructed: !

It took me to read the date ( of course, must be a sudden strike of curiosity!)

it made me observe the sequences!

I was inquisitive! (asking to myself)

I was getting a definite No, from inside

Putting in perspective,

am I an active learner ?

My question probably stems from a raw understanding of the concept of active learning, ( (seemingly no activity is 'visible'! )

But I should confess, activity is 'visible' within: as thought process, observations, questioning !

Active learning is "a method of learning in which students are actively or experimentally involved in the learning process".

When learners participate or interacts with the learning process, learning becomes active.

Teaching strategies added into the lesson plans of e-learning lessons, shall help the learning process active.

Very flexible approach where the learners rise above the level of listeners and engage in learning through the 3 ds of dialogue , debate, discuss.

From rote memorization , as Bloom would put as Low order Thinking Skills, learners involve in analysis and creating; (High Order thinking Skills)

Learners interact during the lessons.

Learners present their view points.

Learners question the postulates

Learners affirm on decisions

A very powerful agent for learning is CURIOSITY.

Added to it are the 21 century skills such as persistence, collaboration, critical thinking and growth mindset that shall make learning active .

The cognitive process of learners evolve and the goal of education then becomes, nurturing the learners to grow their mind through active learning.

Komath Bhaskaran


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