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LGS: Not just another school!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

A decade in the life of an school is a period of teething troubles , trying to standing erect , limping as well , then taking the baby steps forward .

What makes Laxmi Global School,Sarigam (LGS) unique in its growth over the last ten years and to say it's not just another school?


A Cambridge affiliated , day cum residential school leading the learners to Cambridge Upper Secondary and Cambridge Advanced, LGS has a child friendly learning environment .

We allow the learners to grow as independent learners.

Cambridge Primary curriculum ensures the sowing of the seeds of cognitive skills: learning through experiences, senses and thoughts.

Their bee lines get dispersed, hardly seen anyone holding their hands back nor fingers on lips;

the circles, the hoofs and throws , not with purr but with hoot in the ground allow them to evolve as a social being , learning the depth of lines, numbers and paces, ready to face the world with words and confidence.

The Smakerspace opens the world of creativity and innovation

As they scale high to Cambridge Lower Secondary, they perfect into the different Smarts, allowing themselves to be learners with a difference.

At this level, LGS emphasize on various activities that shall help the learners to testify themselves their Reading and Writing skills,Mathematical and Logical reasoning, Physical co-ordination, Leadership qualities, Communication and Comprehension skills, Imaginative and Analytical thinking, Literary and Poetic expression, Empathy, Interpersonal skills & Independent thinking skills.

We then, go beyond classrooms and text books to ensure every learner has found the inner flame.

In our kitty now we have the 21st century skills of collaborative and critical thinking and evolve our learners biophilial and biocentric to live and love the Nature.

The lush green valley of the campus makes the school and its community green!

As we are getting ready for the new academic year ( 2021-22) , lets also know why Cambridge curriculum is a sought after certification at Cambridge Advanced .


Cambridge International Assessment Education (CAIE) is part of the University of Cambridge and is one of the most recognized qualifications all over the world.

It has a balanced curriculum and gives freedom of choice to the learners.

It has practical approach towards learning and allows learners to focus on creative thinking and problem solving.

It creates a confident, responsible, reflective , innovative and engaged learner.

It has an approach which is multi-cultural and multi-lingual.

It lends an international perspective to studies and takes into account the differing abilities of each learner.

Laxmi global School, sarigam is located in a 120 acres campus of Laxmi Vidyapeeth Sarigam, an educational hub : a place to learn, a space to grow.

LGS learners have the opportunity to socialise , learn, and relax in an environment that's predictable, regular and yet flexible.

Komath Bhaskaran


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