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Subject Orientation for IGCSE /Advanced Level Learners.


IGCSE is a two year course at LGS , and learners take the Cambridge Board ( CAIE) examinations at the end of the second year.

IGCSE certificate issued to a learner , with a minimum C Grade in five subjects , is reciprocally recognized as equivalent to Matriculation/10th standard across the Boards globally.

Advanced Level is a two year course of study where learners go for a specialized study.

Examinations are taken by learners in AS level ( Grade 11) and Al (Grade 12).

At LGS , a learners is allowed to opt four subjects, including General English.

A three subject pass with C grades are reciprocally recognized as equivalent to Higher Secondary/Grade 12 of any board globally.

As we are coming to the close of the academic year 2020-21 and getting ready for the new session, its necessary that the learners of moving from Lower secondary toUpper Secondary are oriented on the further course of studies.

Today , Saturday February 27, 2021, LGS conducted an orientation program for its Grade 8 learners and parents, to ensure that their choice of study in the next two years is based on a coherent understanding of the Cambridge Pathway of Upper Secondary level.

Parents and learners were informed of the different subjects available for learners as a part of their courses of study in the next two years.

French Language and Global Perspectives are two additional subjects available for this batch of learners.

On an earlier day we also had an orientation program for learners and parents of IGCSE (Grade 10) who shall now be moving to the Advanced level of the Cambridge Pathway.

Our admissions are open for all Grades .

As we scale our heights opening new areas of studies and activities, this is the right time for a visit and feel the learning ambiance at LGS.

Laxmi Vidyapeeth remains : a place to Learn ; a place to Grow .

Laxmi Global School (LGS) stretches out its arms to embrace the learners to this beautiful campus and to pursue the Cambridge Pathway.

komath Bhaskaran


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