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The art of beginning

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Vasant Panchami is considered as a day , every second presumed as best to begin.

What to begin must be a strain stretching to the days past.

Also of its how and why shall be rooted in yesterdays plans for tomorrow.

Yesterday plays a role , but unacknowledged ever, in today's beginning.

We see the present, we experience the present, we live and learn in the present.

Present , however remains the accumulated past .

The seed am having in my hand to sow , has its past.

The plant I want to grow , has its past

The water I pour , has its past

Still, I am in present, beginning the sowing, planting and watering.

Beginning is always in present

Beginning has always a past.

The toddler takes the baby step to adventure a walk.

Another targets on a dart board.

Yet another tunes the rhythm for the flow,

unknowingly of the seeds of instincts from the past!

From the quantity, measured on a time line of past,

present is gifted the quality.

The quality of Wisdom

then is the gift for the present

having begun

the learning in the past

knowing the past.

Learning in the past may be experience

accumulated as a being, in one's growth.

The three Rs of reading , writing and arithmetic

added into the wisdom of Present.

The e-learning and e-platforms added into the

digital kitty of present.

Still it is a beginning!

Ancient are the architecture, carved on stones and woods

allowing to know the past.

The flutter elsewhere created the ripples,

and the waves reach this shore

that the breathing being yet to realize

the art of beginning .

The art of beginning is in the past:

the past of pause, planning and preparation

the past of practices

the past of sacrifices.

The spring shall blossom the yellow flowers

The springs shall flow through the valleys

We shall know the oneness of being

As we know the beginning :

Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom

Komath Bhaskaran


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