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The Four S and Sustainability

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Struggle, Sacrifice , Service and Surrender : the four S that may well stand upright , though with bends!

Struggle: well, we may find the word defined in different ways. Let me use this meaning here : strive under difficult circumstances to do something, Strive means make great efforts.

So we have to make great efforts to scale every circumstances to achieve .

History is replete with struggles: struggle to achieve independence, struggle to unlock the chains of slavery, struggle to achieve social equity , the list goes on.

There is a struggle in the birth and sprouting of the seed.

A baby step for the child is an adventure and a struggle to move step by step, step after step .

Though the objective may not be clear for all, every one experience the struggle to achieve!

Struggle becomes a positive element of growth in every being.

Sacrifice: an act of giving up , to achieve something of a greater value.

Look at the history again: its filled with stories of individuals and society giving up the present for a better future .

Every myth is impregnated with the seeds of sacrifice.

Every life must have a tale to narrate of its sacrifice.

One may become a sacrificial lamb too.

The next best alternative and an opportunity cost of choice shall explain the economics of sacrifice.

Sacrifice is the key to unlock the values of humanness, that create the notes of harmony in Nature

Service: It takes me to another S word Surrender . Service in this context , is surrender to thy self and society and its mores.

Human centric to Nature centric has taken the direction and the process of growth. One matures through struggle and sacrifice to serve the Society and Nature .

The attitude of serving is not an intellectual learning, its an experiential learning.

Every child learns through experience .

Every experience is a service to thyself. in the process of growth.

Sustainability : We have heard, learnt and now experience the need to sustain the life itself in universe! Google for species non existent and endangered !

Browse to know about environmental pollution and degradation.

Observe the flora and fauna.

Scale the heights of the mountains, swim the oceans and tread the paths in the green forests.

The music of Nature is still melodious.

We need to struggle to sustain

We need to sacrifice to sustain

We need to serve and surrender to sustain.

Komath Bhaskaran


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