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The graduation Cap

Today March 15, 2021, has been a memorable day for the LGS fraternity.

Our Advanced level learners , having completed their course of studies at Laxmi Global school, were awarded the Certificate of Achievement in a simple but elegant Graduation Ceremony held at Duani Auditorium of Laxmi Vidhyapeeth Sarigam.

We started our Cambridge journey in the year 2010 and today has been the day of our 5th batch of Advanced Level learners to come out to throw their Graduation caps!

Graced by the presence of parents and staff at LGS, Heads of Institutions at Laxmi Vidyapeeth sarigam handed over the certificates and token of appreciation to all the learners.

Laxmi Global School provides the Cambridge Pathway leading to the Advanced Level .

Advanced Level is a two year course where learners give their examinations administered by the University of Cambridge .

Advanced Level Certificate is reciprocally recognized as an equivalent of 12th Standard/Higher secondary globally.

We allow the flexibility in the choice of subjects and assist the learners to grow up to their potentials.

Our out -going batch has 10 learners and this has been the average class size of the previous batches too.

A very personalized facilitation is available to every learner from experienced Cambridge trained educators.

The parting thoughts of the day were:

to find meaning in life through actions, loving and sufferings and make happiness as an outcome of actions, love and sufferings;

to search for the losses at the space and place of the loss and not at the place where light blinks;

to set goals for the future, but tread a path of relating oneself to the friends, family and fraternity.

Komath Bhaskaran


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