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Year-end assessments

Beginning on March 8 and ending on March 19, 2021

we shall go for year end on line assessments for the academic year 2020-21.

Many a waters have flown and our academic year 2020-21 is coming to a close.

Well, assessments are part and parcel of our system and we believe its not possible to do away with it , though the tools used shall see a sea change.

Laxmi Global School has been on the front line to ensure learning continues and the quality maintained even at the peak of the lock down.

Yes , our assessment tools had evolved then , and our learners adapted too.

However, broadly speaking, our assessments remained in two categories:

(i) Assessment For Learning (AFL)

(ii) Assessment Of Learning. (AOL)

Assessment for Learning is an approach integrated into teaching and learning that creates feedback for students to improve learning.

Effective implementation of AFL support students to become, confident, reflective, engaged, innovative and responsible.

At LGS we ensure that all activities of learners are well observed and analysed by the educators .

AFL is an example of continuous assessments where we also go for pen and paper tests on a random basis as well along with projects, presentations, research , and portfolios.

Continuous reporting is done to ensure that at every step an invisible hand of a facilitator is available .and 'anywhere' becomes the classroom.

Assessment of Learning at the end of a program of study can provide a valuable evidence of a student's achievement.

It is an example of summative assessments.

We have Mid term and year end examinations in a given academic year that comes in the category of AOL.

Though its more of the traditional format of pen and paper, with a printed question paper based on the prescribed syllabus and term plans, LGS ensures that different skills are tested in these examinations.

We ensure that a blue print is prepared ( TOS/Table of Specification) based on the Bloom's Taxonomy, questions are vetted at different levels to ensure that question papers of AOL are not just to test the rot memorization of specific contents.

Our mid year and Year end reporting are also based on the weighatges given to both AFL and AOL .

The pandemic has changed the way of giving and taking the assessments.

Technology has become handy to make any room an examination space.

It has made invigilation as well possible via online.

Even we are happy that parents volunteer for 'Own kids' invigilation.

Even the marking and tabulation are done via e -pens.

We are with learners of today with the technology of the day!

As our learners are getting ready to join online for their year-end examination ,

as they did it for the mid term,

now more confident and vigil,

let's wish them all the best.

Komath Bhaskaran


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